We are South Pacific Advertising.

South Pacific Advertising elevates brand messages using simple yet smart creative ideas and cost effective media. We’re a collaboration of media, advertising and content production experts with a wealth of experience in the Asia Pacific region who develop highly effective digital campaigns to connect consumers with brands. Our focus is all about delivering world class advertising solutions by understanding local cultures and communities and their unique consumer experience.


Creative Concepts
Content Production
UX (User Experience)


Brand Activations
Content Strategy

What We Do

We provide a full range of brand agency services for digital (online) marketing, social media, brand sponsored events and experiential campaigns. Whilst traditional media including television, radio & print is still effective our focus is more on developing consumer relationships using website applications, Facebook, YouTube, mobile phones, live activations and unique experiential ideas. We work closely with brands and consumers to build awareness and customer loyalty and increase sales.


Digital Advertising
Online Competitions
Application Development


Brand Activations
Events Sponsorship
SMS Marketing

How We Do It

We take a different approach to the traditional advertising model. We don’t speak at or push brand messages to the consumer but instead we invite them to be a part of something. Making the consumer feel part of a group or community is the key to how we embrace people and connect them with brands. We produce enticing and exciting content to inspire audiences and engage consumers through content sharing and online competitions. We integrate and celebrate brands with inspirational events and pop-up activations.


Why We Do It

Our aim is to provide a high level of brand engagement with consumers through cost-effective media and creative campaigns that are intelligent, attractive and inclusive. We’re all about setting new standards and enabling global brands to reach their target audience and help redefine local brands to compete confidently within the international market. We appreciate the importance of creating beautiful looking campaigns but more importantly we enable brands to intimately share their story.